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Balkanski Gonic


Dated back prior to the 11th century, the Balkanski Gonic gets its name from originating in the Balkans. Little is known about what bloodlines make up this rare breed today, however it is very obvious this Hound breed was carefully thought through for its ability to hunt.


The Balkanski Gonic is a medium sized dog, with males measuring 18-22 inches in height and females measuring 17-21 inches in height. Both males and females typically weigh an average of 40-45 pounds in weight. This breed is overall built lean and muscular. A wedge shaped head leads directly into a scissor bite, as their pendant shaped ears are thin and floppy and hang along side of their face. Their two round eyes are only available in a dark brown to black in color, as their coat is short and tight to their body is available in black and rust color. Some puppies are born with white markings. Shades of the black and rust come in all different variations of the two colors. Their tail is solid and medium in length, as it normally is carried slightly upright and curved towards their body.


The Balkanski Gonic is not a breed best for every family. Being difficult to train, however highly intelligent, this breed would do best in a home with only adults. The Balkanski Gonic requires a firm and consistent owner who will make rules and boundaries within the home for this breed to strictly follow. If the Balkanski Gonic feels he or she is stronger personality wise than their owner, the dog will easily and quickly become dominate. This breed needs to be socialized very well at a young age to ensure friendliness as it grows into adulthood. The Balkanski Gonic isn't recommended to be housed with other dogs or pets due to its natural instincts to hunt. While outdoors your Hound should be in a safe, properly fenced in yard or always on a lead so he or she does not wander. This breed requires a long walk daily as well as other physical activity to remain on its best attitude. Best suited for country living situations due to their activeness.


The Balkanski Gonic requires daily brushing and bathing when needed. This breed is an average shedder.

Special Notes

Please fully educate yourself about the Balkanski Gonic prior to adding one to your family to ensure a life long commitment to your new addition. This breed is not for everyone and the decision to own one needs to be fully thought through. All dogs originate from wolves (Canis Lupus). Each breed of dog was originally created by mixing different breeds together in an effort to bring forth certain characteristics. Once a breeder has created acceptable “breed characteristics” within their bloodline and these “breed characteristics” have shown to be reliably reproduced in the offspring for three (3) generations, the bloodline may be upgraded from the category of “foundation stock” to “pure-bred”. The same “pure-bred” breed standards vary from different continents, countries, territories, regions, breed clubs, and canine pure-breed registries depending on the goals of their breeders. Dog DNA testing companies can have accurate results for a specific bloodline of a small colony of dogs. However, there are tens of thousands of different bloodlines in the world which have not yet been tested for marker baseline results by Dog DNA testing companies as of 2017. For this reason Dog DNA testing companies do not guarantee the 100% accuracy of their breed lineage results and will also show different marker results for the same pure-bred breed in different continents, countries, territories, regions, breed clubs, and canine pure-breed registries depending on the goals of their breeders.

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