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Clumber Spaniel


Created by William Mansell prior to the 1850s in Nottinghamshire, the Clumber Spaniel is known as the biggest of Spaniel type breeds, and the only Spaniel to hunt so well in heavy brush. Til this day, no one knows the truth of what bloodlines were crossed to create this wonderful Spaniel type. Some believe it was the combination of the Alpine Spaniel and the Basset Hound, however this has never been confirmed. We do know for certain that the Clumber Spaniel is a fantastic gun dog who is equally great at being a family companion.


Both males and females weighing in between 55-80 pounds in weight and measuring 16-20 inches in height, this breed is built very solid and medium to large in size. Only available in one color, the Clumber Spaniel demonstrates a white undercoat with tan markings on top. Please note that the markings will vary in shade appearing blonde to slightly reddish, per individual dog. Though carrying a broad body build that is mainly muscle, this breed has very short, thick legs that make this breed a "low rider" in appearance. Their large, oval shaped head is accompanied by two, large pendant shaped ears that gently hang along side of their face. Their two eyes are available in a beautiful amber color while their nose is typically brown/red in color. Their coat is straight to wavy and should feather off of their ears and tail. When relaxed, their tail should be positioned towards the ground.


Famously, Queen Victoria wrote an entry in her diary stating what "nice dogs" Clumber Spaniels were, and she is right. The Clumber Spaniel is a true gift to add to any family as they are extremely gentle, docile and loving. Known as the calmest of the hunting breeds, the Clumber Spaniel can be an addition to almost any family even if hunting isn't ever in your agenda. However, if you are the occasional hunter, this breed would be more than happy to come along for the hunt! Wonderful in very heavily wooded areas, there isn't much this breed won't be able to get through. The Clumber Spaniel are great with children of all ages, elderly, other pets and dogs he or she is raised alongside of. With a mind that wants to constantly learn new things, and a great memory, you'll find your Clumber Spaniel doing things on his or her own just to please you! This breed requires a daily walk. Will do okay in apartment living however would do best in a country living situation. As always, positive reinforcement methods are the only training methods recommended.


Please note that this breed sheds heavily every day, drools more than most dogs and snores very loud. This breed requires daily brushing and bathing when needed.

Special Notes

Please fully educate yourself about the Clumber Spaniel prior to adding one to your family to ensure you are able to provide the proper care and requirements of the breed. Do not add one to your household unless you are able to make a life long commitment to your new addition. Do not add this breed to your home unless you are able to provide life long physical and financial care. All dogs originate from wolves (Canis Lupus). Each breed of dog was originally created by mixing different breeds together in an effort to bring forth certain characteristics. Once a breeder has created acceptable “breed characteristics” within their bloodline and these “breed characteristics” have shown to be reliably reproduced in the offspring for three (3) generations, the bloodline may be upgraded from the category of “foundation stock” to “pure-bred”. The same “pure-bred” breed standards vary from different continents, countries, territories, regions, breed clubs, and canine pure-breed registries depending on the goals of their breeders. Dog DNA testing companies can have accurate results for a specific bloodline of a small colony of dogs. However, there are tens of thousands of different bloodlines in the world which have not yet been tested for marker baseline results by Dog DNA testing companies as of 2017. For this reason Dog DNA testing companies do not guarantee the 100% accuracy of their breed lineage results and will also show different marker results for the same pure-bred breed in different continents, countries, territories, regions, breed clubs, and canine pure-breed registries depending on the goals of their breeders.

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