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Originating hundreds of years ago, referenced in many famous poems and paintings from the older days and still just as popular in the USA today is the breed known as the Feist. This breed is a Terrier type breed that is made up of many different kinds of Terriers that are small breeds and are known to hunt small wild animals both under and above ground.


The Feist is a small breed terrier generally measuring no more than 18 inches in height and weighing under 30 pounds in weight. This breed has a small, wedge shaped head, directly forming into a narrow muzzle with a severe scissor bite. Their two ears are triangular in shape, firm at the top of their head and erect or folded down forwards. Generally this breed is built rectangular, firm and active in appearance. There is little consistency in what the Feist appearance like in terms of coat, color or specific body details, due to it being a general mix of Terrier type breeds. They all should have a cropped tail that is only about two inches in length and stands firm. They are available in all colors and color combinations. Their coat can be short and tight to the skin or wiry and long. Their eyes are generally a dark hazel to black in color.


As with any Terrier type, the Feist is no exception to the rule. This breed is determined to get their job done - in most cases, hunting small wild animals - and they are easily able to become bossy and demanding if not raised properly. This breed is a fast learner, very smart, fast and active. The Feist is best with a firm and confident owner who is able to remain pack leader at all times. Early socialization and obedience courses are recommended for this breed. This breed is best with an active family who is able to give a daily job and task for their new dog to accomplish, as well as have plenty of safe running and roaming room outside.


This breed sheds daily. Daily brushing and bathing when needed.

Special Notes

This breed requires a properly installed fence to roam safely within while outdoors at all times. This breed has a naturally strong instinct to hunt small wild animals. Please properly educate yourself about the Feist breed prior to adding one to your family to ensure you are able to provide life long physical and financial care. All dogs originate from wolves (Canis Lupus). Each breed of dog was originally created by mixing different breeds together in an effort to bring forth certain characteristics. Once a breeder has created acceptable “breed characteristics” within their bloodline and these “breed characteristics” have shown to be reliably reproduced in the offspring for three (3) generations, the bloodline may be upgraded from the category of “foundation stock” to “pure-bred”. The same “pure-bred” breed standards vary from different continents, countries, territories, regions, breed clubs, and canine pure-breed registries depending on the goals of their breeders. Dog DNA testing companies can have accurate results for a specific bloodline of a small colony of dogs. However, there are tens of thousands of different bloodlines in the world which have not yet been tested for marker baseline results by Dog DNA testing companies as of 2017. For this reason Dog DNA testing companies do not guarantee the 100% accuracy of their breed lineage results and will also show different marker results for the same pure-bred breed in different continents, countries, territories, regions, breed clubs, and canine pure-breed registries depending on the goals of their breeders.

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