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Field Spaniel


Dating back to the late 1700's, any English Cocker Spaniel over 25 pounds were now considered, Field Spaniels. This breed is used to hunt and retrieve animals from land and water such a birds, and small rodents.


The Field Spaniel is a medium sized compact breed with males and females weighing 35-50 pounds in weight and generally measuring 18-20 inches in height. This breed is built slightly longer than it is tall. Their oblong head is met with a rectangular shaped muzzle and two long, pendant shaped ears that hang along side of their face. Their round eyes are generally dark brown to black in color. Their medium length coat is a single layer and is straight to wavy in texture. Their coat is available in all shades of liver, black, and at times bi color with tan and these colors. Please note that generally their tail is cropped to half its size. When not cropped their tail is medium in length with their coat feathering off of it.


Field Spaniels are specifically bred for being out in the "field" hunting and retrieving for their owners. Though this breed is also a wonderful companion, it is important to note that their personality, exercise needs and temperament will differ greatly from the Cocker Spaniel because of this. This breed is very good with children and generally good with other dogs and pets he or she grows up around. Proper mental and physical exercise needs have to be met daily in order to maintain a happy and healthy pet. This breed will roam if not within a properly installed fenced while outdoors.


Daily brushing and bathing when needed. Professional grooming is recommended two to three times a year.

Special Notes

A properly installed fence or harness and leash is highly recommended while outdoors at all times. This breed is not meant for apartment life. Please fully educate yourself about the Field Spaniel prior to adding one to your family to ensure you are able to meet the physical and financial needs of your new addition for the life of them. All dogs originate from wolves (Canis Lupus). Each breed of dog was originally created by mixing different breeds together in an effort to bring forth certain characteristics. Once a breeder has created acceptable “breed characteristics” within their bloodline and these “breed characteristics” have shown to be reliably reproduced in the offspring for three (3) generations, the bloodline may be upgraded from the category of “foundation stock” to “pure-bred”. The same “pure-bred” breed standards vary from different continents, countries, territories, regions, breed clubs, and canine pure-breed registries depending on the goals of their breeders. Dog DNA testing companies can have accurate results for a specific bloodline of a small colony of dogs. However, there are tens of thousands of different bloodlines in the world which have not yet been tested for marker baseline results by Dog DNA testing companies as of 2017. For this reason Dog DNA testing companies do not guarantee the 100% accuracy of their breed lineage results and will also show different marker results for the same pure-bred breed in different continents, countries, territories, regions, breed clubs, and canine pure-breed registries depending on the goals of their breeders.

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